16. Oktober 2018 - Uhr
Die Kolumne


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Review: Heir Apparent


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Silver Dust, Outloud, Axe Frehley


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Madog, King Kobra, Nachtgreif, Leah, Midnite City, Revocation, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Weak Aside, Dee Snider, Professor Black, Striker, Walking Dead On Broadway, Nazareth, Impelliteri, Irreverence


DVD-Review: Film


DVD-Review: Film
CD-Reviews: Arroganz, Prins Svart


CD-Reviews: Bonfire, Mark Daly, White Widdow
Interview: U.D.O.


CD-Reviews: Imperial Crowns, Fish, Poets Of The Fall, Blood Of The Sun, Leviathan (d), Dragony


CD-Reviews: Grisly, Circus Rhapsody, Morgenrot, Credic, Monstrosity


CD-Reviews: Piledriver, Rebel Hot


CD-Reviews: Vola, Wolvespirit